Review: ViX+, a complete tour of the TelevisaUnivision platform

ViX+ is an internet streaming platform that arises from the merger of two leading companies in Spanish-language content, owned by TelevisaUnivision. Launched on July 21 in Mexico, the United States and Latin America, it has more than 50,000 hours of content in Spanish and calls itself the platform with the most content in Spanish.

It will have original series and movies, as well as third-party content and you will be able to enjoy certain content without a subscription through the “Free” version where you will be able to see a wide variety of content totally free but with certain advertising intervals. In addition, in Mexico, you can enjoy more than 30 live channels under the “ViX+ Channels” section. And it doesn’t end here, In Mexico and the United States (not so for the rest of Latin America) you will have the best sports content for you to enjoy in your favorite language: Spanish.

In it we will enjoy the best novels, series and films produced by the hand of Televisa and / or Univision, but we will also have important content of Asian novels, Argentine novels, anime, children’s content, iconic classics, documentaries, bioseries, sports and much more.

ViX+, is on most streaming devices, including Android, Android TV, Google TV, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Roku, Fire TV and Samsung.

That said, now we will show you completely how the platform is and how it works.

In this review we will take a complete tour inside the platform, such as navigation, content search, live channels, and many more functionalities.

5.99 U$D for month


When you register for the first time in ViX+, you will send us to register a QR code or via application to end the subscription. These are the costs that these countries will have:
Mexico at $119 pesos, Argentina at $4.99, the United States at $6.99 and the rest of Latin America at about $5.99.

Home & Highlights

After creating your account, the first thing you will notice is that the interface is similar to ViX, but this does not mean that the platform helps you explore the content in different different ways.

After logging in, it will take us to the main page of the platform, where the ViX+ experience will be configured that contains and groups other categories that you can explore, such as ViX+ Original, new titles that they offer us in the plus experience and something striking but that clarifies to us before subscribing is that some content can have advertising even in the Premium version.

Once we finish the registration and have the account, it will take us to the main page of the platform, where we can see all the content that the mass offers us. With a Slider with the most outstanding content of it.

On the main page of the platform we will be able to see the content that it offers us and that is grouped by categories that you can explore, such as: “ViX + Originals”, “Lo más visto”, “No te lo puedes perder”, “Series más vistas”, “Películas más vistas”, “Películas de Acción”, “Series para maratonear”, “Novelas amadas aquí y allá”, “Documentales”, “Para toda la familia”, “ViX Junior”, “Series en Tendencia”, “Eterna Juventud”, “Películas Favoritas” among others.

Programming Study

The platform also has important own and collaborative programming studios such as Lemon Studios, W Studios, Perro Azul, El Estudio, Exile, VV Studios will produce from their own studios biographical series that represent Mexican icons such as María Félix and Pedro Infante and much more.


The platform supports 3 devices simultaneously, so your whole family can watch their favorite content on different devices.

Navigation & Preview

On the main page we find the navigation of the platform, without hub, and the content is displayed by rows. In the upper section, we find the search option, profile (where we will find the privacy policies and options of our account), and menu sections such as: Home, News, Sports and Channels.

As for the preview, they recommend several platform titles and some titles, usually those of ViX, contain advertising. We also have content such as documentaries, Turkish novels, anime, various movies, among others.


In the upper right part we will find the logo of a magnifying glass, where it indicates the option to search for the content we are looking for. With it we will find a powerful function to find our favorite titles. Where we can find content by title, genre and some popular names.

When we click on it, the option will be displayed so that we can write the desired title, and once the title has been chosen, we will get the one we want (if it is) and the similar ones (including all genres).

Continue watching…

When we are watching a movie and we stop watching it or close the playback of it, when entering the platform again, the option to “Continue Watching” will appear in the categories that will remember where we have left it exactly.

Although this option does not come out below the slider so a priori we could say that the platform did not remind us. But don’t worry! This option is available only a little lower than normal.

ViX+ Channels (Live)

As in Blim TV, with availability in Mexico and as a novelty now also in Latin America, it has more than 20 live channels of which we have:

  1. TUDN (Mexico)
  2. Adrenalina Sports Network (Mexico)
  3. Bandamax (Mexico & Latin American)
  4. Las Estrellas -2 Horas (Mexico)
  5. Las Estrellas -1 Horas (Mexico)
  6. Golden Premier (Mexico & Latin American)
  7. Golden (Mexico & Latin American)
  8. Univisión (Latin American)
  9. Telehit Música Plus (Mexico & Latin American)
  10. Foro TV (Mexico & Latin American)
  11. De Película Plus (Mexico)
  12. Golden EDGE (Mexico & Latin American)
  13. Golden Plus (Mexico & Latin American)
  14. De Película (Mexico & LLatin American)
  15. Golden Multiplex (Mexico)
  16. Canal 4 Monterrrey (Mexico)
  17. Canal 4 GDL (Mexico)
  18. Telehit (Mexico & Latin American)
  19. Telehit Música (Mexico & Latin American)
  20. Telehi Música Plus (Mexico)
  21. Tlnovelas (Mexico & Latin American)
  22. Nu9ve (Mexico)
  23. BitMe (Mexico & Latin American)
  24. Canal 5 (Mexico)
  25. Distrito Comedia (Mexico & Latin American)
  26. Las Estrellas (Mexico & Latin American)
  27. Afizzionados (Mexico)
  28. Unicable (Mexico)
  29. ViX+ Presenta (Mexico & Latin American)

With a small Freeview called “ViX Special” we will be able to see some of the channels as a sample.

For the United States it does not have live Pay TV channels at the moment.

ViX+ Original

In this section we will find the original content of the platform that promises more than 70 original series and films during the first year, representing at least one weekly premiere of an original production. ViX+ will also offer more than 7,000 hours of live sports in the USA and 3,000 live matches At the time of launch we find: Mirreyes vs. Godinez, el retiro 2; María Félix: La doña; La mujer del Diablo; Pena Ajena; Mi Vecino: the cartel; RAPA; SKAM España; Los prisioneros and Cooked when I miss you.

Player & Details

When we select a title that we want to see, the banner of it will appear, with interesting information such as seasons, genre, and year of production. In addition to the description and the button to view now. Below we will see the chapters and season with their respective images, description, and name.

In the other tab we have similar ones where content similar to this will appear and we can explore other alternative content of what we like so much.

Finally, we find the details tab that gives us additional information such as directors and casts and the launch of it.

In the player option of the live channels it is still simple as it was before, but we will have a renewed player just like ViX with the option to mute the channel, option to activate / deactivate subtitles, advance or delay 10 seconds and full screen.

Content with Advertising

Some of the content that ViX offers us, within ViX+, we will continue to see with advertising. However, in the title where it has advertising, an indication with it will appear at the top right.

My List

At the moment the platform does not have this function.

Sports Content

The platform will also have sports content but this is only in two countries, and is due to sports rights issues. In the United States we will have these sports: UEFA Champions League, Liga MX, Liga 1, UEFA Europa League, Liga Profesional de Fútbol -Argentina, Brazil y Colombia-, UEFA Nations League, Qatar 2022 and many more.


So far neither the application nor the web contain this function.

My Downloads

So far neither the application nor the web contain this function. But it will be available soon.

How to subscribe to ViX+

For all new or “eligible” users, they will have a 7-day trial period. And they accept the payment of the subscription via debit and credit card of Mastercard, VISA and American Express. Directly from the stores of our operating system: Google Pay, APP Store, Samsung, Amazon Fire and ROKU. And in Mexico we have the option to subscribe via OXXO Pay through prepaid code.

Offer with the platform

After the launch of the platform, in paid version, there are several offers with third-party partners to have the platform totally free. The first is IZZI in Mexico, that if you had Blim TV contracted you will keep the ViX+ subscription. The second is T-Mobile for T-mobile or Metro T-mobile customers will have the possibility to access the catalog at no additional charge and finally we have Prime Channels that you can access ViX + within the Prime Video platform, this is good for those customers who have no way to access the APP like LG TVs.

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