Fox News could leave Latin America

The popular American news channel Fox News could be about to disappear from cable operators in Latin America, this is due to Disney’s refusal to continue distributing the channel, remember that after the sale of Fox channels Disney became the owner of 20th century fox, which through subsidies was in charge of producing and distributing cable channels in the region, among them was Fox News. As confirmed by the cable provider Tigo to its customers through an e-mail, the exit of Fox News “is due to commercial reasons related to the contracting of said channel”, in other words, Disney does not want to continue distributing the Fox News signal in Latin America, it is worth asking the reason for this decision, which is based on commercial reasons.It is no secret that Disney supports an editorial line in its company that is totally different from the one expressed by Fox News, which could be the reason for abandoning the distribution of the channel in the region.

For now we do not know, since we only have confirmation from one company and we have to wait for the expiration of the contracts of the other operators to see if the Fox News signal will carried in Latin America or if it is an attempt by Disney to take the channel off the air in the region.

Víctor Montero
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